Terrace Gardening

When it comes to rooftop garden design, ensure you maintain the diversity in the size of the plants. A few large plants, shrubs, and small trees, ground covers, annuals must be there. Also, buy containers of different sizes, as this will give a great look to your rooftop garden.

Features :
  • City lives have become routine, filled with a lot of hustle-bustle. People are getting disconnected from mother nature. If you want to feel peaceful, then connecting back with mother nature is a great way. You can just set up a beautiful terrace garden and meditate or exercise every day to feel closer to nature.
  • Terrace gardening reduces the impurities in the air. You can include some rear plants which will help to increase the oxygen levels around.
  • Organic farming is a great method to grow your vegetables, fruits, and herbs on the terrace. It brings one great joy in eating vegetables and fruits straight from your garden. The added benefit is that the nutritional values are high when compared to the ones available in the market.
  • Terrace gardening can keep the temperature and heat within the house under control. It also improves the look of your house, and you can spend some quality time with your family and friends.